Singapore Aircon Relocation Guide

If you are relocating to a new home in Singapore, it is important to take the time to plan your air conditioner (AC) relocation. Moving an AC can be a difficult and dangerous task if not done properly. If you lack the proper tools and knowledge related to air conditioner moving, it can be a very dangerous job. If your AC is not properly secured during transport, there is a risk of damage due to falling or dropping. Improper relocating can also cause loss of refrigerants which in turn causes your unit to break down.

What is air-conditioning relocation

As you know, air conditioners are very heavy appliances. When you move house, it is impossible to carry your AC with your luggage. If not secured properly, it can fall down or break during transport which will cause further problems. This is why it is important to hire professionals to relocate your unit properly. This means disconnecting all power lines and draining the fluids. In this article, we will provide a guide to help you with your AC relocation.

Preparation for aircon relocation

If you have not been living in Singapore for very long, chances are that you have never conducted an air conditioner moving process before. In order to move safely and without any unwanted accidents occurring, it is important to prepare well.

When you are relocating, it is important to ensure that your unit is not damaged during the process of moving and re-installation. If for example a wire becomes loose or a plug falls out, this can result in leaks which can cause the AC to break down. The first step towards preventing this from happening is by disconnecting all power lines and draining power from the unit. This is a very important step of preparing for an AC relocation. After you have ensured that all power lines have been disconnected, it is important to prepare coolant measures. If there are any leaks present, it is important to clean them up immediately before they cause further damage and make a big mess. All of these steps are very important and must be taken into consideration in order for the AC relocation to run smoothly.

Why should you hire professional aircon company to relocate your aircon?

If you are not familiar with moving heavy appliances, hiring professional movers will be very handy. It is important to understand that moving your AC requires the right tools and knowledge. It requires professional movers who know how to disconnect all power sources before relocating the unit.

How much does it cost to engage a aircon company to relocate your air conditioner unit?

The cost of an air conditioner relocation will depend on the company you decide to hire. Most companies offer a fixed price while some will charge by the hour which can be very expensive if their time is not used properly. It is important to inquire about the hourly rate before hiring one. Also it’s important to shop around and compare prices before hiring one.

Tips on how to maintain your home’s AC unit after relocation

After the AC relocation process is done, it is important to maintain your air conditioner unit. This means checking for any leaks and cleaning them up immediately to prevent further damage from occurring. It is also very important that you keep an eye out for any problems during use and if there are any damages or cracks on the unit. Even the slightest of damaged caused by an AC relocation process can result in more damage and cause further problems.

As you can see, AC relocation involves a process which requires professional moving knowledge and tools to ensure that the unit is not damaged. We hope this article will be helpful in your relocation process. If you have any further questions regarding air conditioner moving, it is best to consult the experts.

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