General Aircon Service - Airmaxx Aircon

General Aircon Service
The aircon servicing includes cleaning of the indoor fancoil and outdoor condenser, clearing of the drainage piping (to prevent leaking) and checking for your air conditioning system.

Scope of Work:
– Check and clean Air Filter, Front Panel & Corer
– Check and clean Indoor Eraporator Coil
– Check and clean Indoor Blower Wheel
– Check and clean Indoor Drainage Tray
– Vaccum Of Drainage System
– Check Fan Bearing and Lubricate (If Necessary)
– Vaccum Of Drainage System
– Check Compressor Suction and Discharge Pressure
– Air-con Gas Top-Up (Chargeable, If Necessary)
– Chemical clean is NOT INCLUDE

– Clear water leak problem
– Prevention of system breakdown
– Cleaner & healthier air
– Improve efficiency