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On top of general servicing, chemical cleaning is beneficial to remove the dirt that had accumulated over time in the unit which can cause the system to function poorly. The aircon is disassembled and each part is thoroughly cleaned using water and cleaning compounds – to get rid of stubborn stains, accumulated dust and grease. Having cleaned parts will enable the aircon to perform as good like it is new, and ensure the air expelled is clean and fresh to prevent allergies and breathing problems. Chemical cleaning also helps to wash and clear out the dust and dirt which may obstruct the heat conduction, so as to fully optimize the cooling effects.


Aircon chemical wash & cleaning


Aircon chemical wash

This involves a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of the aircon to maintain your unit. Chemicals are used to properly clean the aircon parts and machines including the filters, fan blades, drain pan, and the blower wheel, which is important to prevent allergies and breathing problems that are associated with dirt and dust particles accumulated in the aircon unit. This process can also help to restore its functionality when normal cleaning processes are ineffective in doing so. It ensures a longer lifespan of the aircon unit to give clean and safe air, while restoring and improving its performance


Scope of Work:
– Dismantle of fancoil unit
– Dismantle of electronic control and drainage device
– Use Chemical Solution wash the water tray, fan blower, coil
– Vacuuming of drainage system
– Wash the Filte
– Check the Gas
– Test run system
– Checking of all setting


– Prevent water dripping and condensation problem
– Increase cooling with saving on electrical consumption
– Save on energy and maintenance cost
– Prolong the life span of air conditioner
– Cleaner air to breathe in

*This service comes with a 90 days workmanship warranty.


Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore