Price of Aircon Chemical Wash In Singapore

About the Aircon and Chemicals Service: Chemical Wash Price in Singapore

Have you ever had an aircon chemical wash or aircon cleaning before? What do you think is the price of having an aircon chemical wash service for a normal household in Singapore? Is it expensive or cheap? You can read more about the various aircon factors, wash using a chemical, and aircon unit costs involved in aircon chemical wash services in this article.

Whether you are aware of it or not, there are many people who are getting their air conditioners cleaned on a yearly basis through washing using a chemical. If you do not know the benefits of aircon chemical cleaning, let me just give you some highlights of washing using a chemical.

What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning or Aircon Chemical Wash?

Chemical wash or aircon chemical cleaning is a method of cleansing the internal parts of your air conditioner. This includes the coils, filters and fan blades. During the chemical wash process, you need to make sure that all moisture in the aircon unit is removed after the cleaning process has been completed. It is one way to ensure that there are no mold spores developing in the aircon unit over a long period of time.

Chemical wash aircon also helps to remove residues from a certain chemical, which may have been used previously, and there is most probably some amount of dust and mud accumulated on the coils and fan blades. It is not advisable to chemical wash the aircon unit with your own hands because you will need special tools that will enable you to get deep into the inner components of the aircon’s parts.

What is the Advantage of Doing an Annual Chemical Cleaning Servicing for the Aircon?

You must remember that air conditioner units are not like cleaning cars where you need to do some sort of servicing or chemical cleaning, chemical aircon wash or washing using a chemical on a regular basis. The advantage of doing aircon chemical wash or chemical cleaning yearly is that your aircon unit will last longer without problems, which means that you will not have to deal with aircon frequent problems or aircon unit breakdowns.

The aircon chemical cleaning process helps in removing the dirt, mud, and dust accumulated inside your aircon unit, which may cause it to malfunction at any time. Also, the chemical used during the aircon servicing are non corrosive and perfectly safe for children and pets. The chemical for the aircon unit are also environmentally friendly for cleaning and will not affect the surrounding air you breathe.

The main disadvantage of doing chemical washing and cleaning with your own hands is that it may cause your aircon unit to malfunction afterwards. It can also be expensive over a long period of time if the aircon breaks down multiple times within a short span of time. You should let a professional handle the chemical wash service and cleaning for you.

Chemical wash aircon Singapore service providers may also suggest that you also get your aircon coils checked during chemical wash air conditioning as it is most important to ensure that all components in your aircon unit work well and perfectly. This way, you can be sure that the efficiency of your aircon unit will not be affected.

Chemical wash aircon rates in Singapore may also vary because there are other factors such as whether or not the company has a good track record, and if they do, how long have they been providing aircon chemical cleaning services to their clients? Some companies even provide a free quotation for your aircon chemical washing service so that you can have a rough idea of how much you will need to prepare if you decide to avail one of their aircon unit services.

What Is The Cost of Aircon Chemical Wash?

Chemical wash aircon Singapore pricing may also vary depending on the make and model of your air conditioning system as well as its age. If it is an old aircon unit, it usually needs professional servicing.

Chemical wash aircon price in Singapore are usually more expensive if the brand of your air conditioner is a foreign one as compared to locally made aircon, as they may have more complex designs and parts compared to the usual SG aircon chemical cleaning products singapore ones.

Chemical wash aircon Singapore service company or providers usually charge according to the size and capacity of your air conditioner and whether or not there is a compressor involved in it. The aircon servicing prices may also vary depending on where you live because certain areas in Singapore tend to be more humid and wet.

How Many Years Before Availing the Services or Checking the Air Conditioning Unit? And What is the Aircon Chemical Wash Price?

Chemical wash aircon price in Singapore may also vary depending on the make and model of your ac or air conditioning units. Usually, for a normal-sized household air conditioning units, the price of chemical wash service for the aircon unit is about 100 to 150 sgd, done once every 2 to 3 years.

Chemical wash aircon price in Singapore can also be charged by the hour, which is usually more expensive than the usual package deals because it means that you will have to pay them for every minute they spend on your aircon unit. If their working time exceeds one hour, then you will need to pay for another full hour again.

Chemical wash aircon prices in Singapore may also depend on the brand of your ac or air conditioning unit. This is because there are brands that need a longer time to clean compared to others. Also, services offered along with chemical wash aircon unit may also affect the cost you will pay for the services because some companies provide other additional services.

The aircon chemical cleaning wash and service providers may also ask you to pay an additional fee if your aircon unit is in very dirty condition when they arrive at your doorstep, because it will require more time and effort to clean, plus the chemical that they will be using right away may affect you later on.

How Often Should a Chemical Wash Aircon Be Done?

Usually, aircon chemical cleaning  and checking in Singapore is done once every 2 to 3 years. This frequency of checking and cleaning service depends on how long your aircon unit has been in use and also the environment that you live in. If you live near a construction site or an area where there are many vehicles running by, then it is best to do the cleaning service for your aircon unit more often. Also, if you live in an area where there are lots of people, then chemical washing and cleaning of the aircon unit should be done more frequently as well.

What Are The Signs That Your Unit Needs A Chemical Wash?

You should also consider getting an aircon chemical service every once in a while if you notice any of these signs:

– Your ac or aircon unit is producing an unusual noise. This means that the coils are not working the way they should or there might be something wrong with your aircon unit motor. You must avail the services or aircon servicing.

– Your ac or aircon unit is dripping with water. This can be a sign of a bigger problem, because if the coils of your ac or air conditioning are already corroded, it will affect the entire system of your aircon unit and can cause some serious damage to your house.

– Your ac or air conditioning unit has been acting up lately, and you seem to think that there might be something wrong with it.

– Your ac or air conditioning unit is blowing out some warm air even when your system is set at a cold temperature.

– You need to set the temperature higher for your ac or air conditioning than you normally do and still feel hot.

You can also choose to do a chemical wash or washing using chemicals on the aircon unit by yourself so as not to overspend. Chemical wash aircon requires the use of special chemical that are not readily available in stores near your area. This is because you might end up using the cleaner incorrectly when washing the aircon or even ingesting it, which can cause serious damage to your health.