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We provide one-stop air conditioner services including installation, general service, chemical overhaul and air repair service as well. We are ready to serve you. Using up to the minute practices and methods, our services are reliable as well as effective. Ranging from aircon overhaul to chemical wash, we know that the needs of customers are different so we cater to them all.
aircon chemical wash service

Chemical Wash & Overhaul

Best Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore | AirMaxx Servicing Chemical Wash CHEMICAL WASH On top of general servicing, chemical cleaning is beneficial to remove the dirt that had accumulated over time


Aircon Installation

Aircon Installation We provide a wide variety of air conditioning units, suitable for both residential and commercial environments. We supply a range of air con systems and a selection of units, including

Aircon Installation

Repairing Aircon

Best Aircon Repair Servicing Singapore | Aircon Repair Singapore Repairing Aircon Aircon Repairing service provide advice to customer on the cost of repair for air conditioner breakdown. It also help to


General Aircon Service

General Aircon Service The aircon servicing includes cleaning of the indoor fancoil and outdoor condenser, clearing of the drainage piping (to prevent leaking) and checking for your air

Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore