Great Tips on Buying Aircon in Singapore

The industry for air conditioning units in Singapore is huge and growing every year because more and more homeowners want comfort, safety, and affordability whenever it comes to cooling solutions. Having a good Air Con is very important for everyone. It could be your home or office, but wherever you are, it’s crucial to have it so that you can cool down from the scorching weather outside.

We provide aircon servicing and repair for your current air conditioning unit. We check all parts such as coils, compressors, valves and other components so that you can be assured that everything is in good working condition. It would even increase the machine’s lifespan knowing that we regularly service them to avoid problems later on. 

Reasons Why You Need an AC System in Singapore

If you live in Singapore, it is a good idea to have an air conditioning unit because the weather here can get quite hot at times, which means you will need to change the temperature inside your house, or else you will be uncomfortable owing to high humidity levels.

When compared to other nations, the cost of purchasing an air conditioner in Singapore is not that costly, so it is a sensible investment for you, particularly if you are weary of dealing with excessive humidity levels, which can cause respiratory difficulties.

Using an air conditioner in Singapore has several advantages over other products that do not have the capacity to regulate indoor temperatures, such as electric fans, table fans, and other similar equipment.

While electric cooling pads can be used, they are insufficient to keep your house cold, especially when the temperature rises to unpleasant levels.

It is advisable for you to invest in an air conditioning unit so that you can remain cool rather than hunting for alternatives that are less expensive but have the same cooling power as an AC, which is nearly hard to find.

An AC unit can readily cool down inside temperatures without the need to open your house’s windows because these appliances take hot air out of your living area, assisting in the creation of a safe environment for people to dwell in. Because you can have it running at all times while it is hot outdoors, you may save money on energy expenses.

It will give fresh and clean air that is free of dust and other allergens since these appliances suck old and damp air out of your home and replace it with crisp and clean air to keep you comfortable while you are inside.

Different Types of Aircon Units

There are many different types of air conditioners available today, so it’s best to check the features before making a purchase, especially if you’re shopping online. You can also talk with a certified technician from us if you’re not sure about anything regarding installation, usage or energy efficiency.

1. Wall-mounted air conditioning unit-this type is suitable for smaller places such as living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and stores since it is fixed on a wall at a high height. It is set up in such a way that it provides an even flow of air throughout the space.

2. Ceiling mounted AC unit-a false or floating ceiling that takes up no necessary space.

3. Split ductless air conditioner—a wall-mounted interior unit with air blowers. Furthermore, it is a hybrid of an aircon and a heater.

4. Type of window/wall AC-it has a window-type design that allows the user to place it either wall-mounted or window-mounted.

5. Floor-standing AC—common in large rooms and usually located near the wall.

6. Portable AC—it doesn’t have a separate outdoor unit.

7. Duct type air con unit-a central unit that is linked to an exterior unit that is often positioned on a garden wall or in the garage.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Inverter vs. Non-Inverter ACs

Inverter ACs are often more expensive than their non-inverter counterparts, but they provide greater performance and efficiency levels.

Using an inverter AC can help you save money on your monthly utility bills since these appliances work hard to ensure that every bit of electricity is used to its full capacity, saving you money in the long run.

Because inverter ACs use standard motors, they are easy to fix because these parts are often accessible at your local hardware shop, eliminating the need to seek expert assistance.

Inverter air conditioners conserve room since they are often narrow and lightweight when compared to other ACs that can cover two or more windows or even numerous wall units.

A non-inverter aircon is less expensive than an inverter AC, but you will have to spend more money on maintenance because these things are not as durable as inverter air-conditioners.

Most inverter aircons come with remote controls and several modes of operation, allowing you to save money on your monthly utility costs by adjusting the cooling and heating modes until the ideal temperature is attained inside your home. These appliances also include sleep and timing options, which allow you to manage how much energy they use when they are switched on.

A non-inverter AC has a larger possibility of failing if the power goes out since these products do not perform as efficiently as inverter aircons, and they also require more maintenance than inverter air conditioners.

Air Conditioning that Saves Money Tips

1. If feasible, try to get units that come with an inverter because these models give the highest potential savings.  It is more efficient than traditional models since they only increase or reduce power usage based on the temperature inside, allowing you to save money or even earn money by selling excess energy back to providers.

2. Look for items with the Energy Star badge, which shows that they are more energy efficient than other versions on the market. Check to see whether Singaporean air conditioner providers have agreements with firms that make Energy Star products so that they may offer competitive costs for these items.

3. Hire experts, like Airmaxx Aircon, to install your new appliances so you can be confident that everything is up to standard and that there will be no disasters.

4. When shopping for aircons, don’t forget to look at the Tick rating by NEA. The higher the rating, the bigger the output of your unit.

5. Prevent curtains from flying about by using weighted rods, additional security locks, and other means, since air conditioners without adequate insulation can cause these objects to move or even fly away, increasing energy usage.

6. You should consider changing the air filter on a regular basis to ensure that you are always breathing clean and fresh air.

7. Keep your appliances away from readily available sources of water such as showers, bathrooms, sinks, and basins, since moisture may cause issues like water leakage, which is highly dangerous, especially if it lands on electrical components.

8. By utilizing programmable thermostats, you can directly control the temperature inside your home and save both energy and money.

Why Does Air Conditioning Need to Be Cleaned and Sanitized? 

The effectiveness of your air conditioner will decline with each usage because dust jams the coils, reducing airflow. This will result in more electricity being consumed to cool down your area or space.

Your AC will last longer if you keep it clean and clear of mold, mildew, and bacteria, all of which are highly detrimental to your health and can spread due to poor appliance care.

A filthy air conditioning unit can cause allergies in people with sensitive skin, so it is critical that you clean it on a regular basis to guarantee your family members are breathing fresh and clean air.

If you allow mold, mildew, and bacteria to collect over time, it will have an impact on the operation of your appliances since these microorganisms can clog ventilation components, resulting in a significant drop in airflow.

Bacteria is a major issue, especially if you have pets or small children in your home, as they are at a greater risk of developing respiratory issues.

Mold and mildew can degrade the quality of indoor air, which can be dangerous for people with asthma. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate these bacteria as soon as possible if you do not want to encounter health problems as a result of inadequate ventilation.

Important Tips to Remember When Having Your AC Serviced

TIP#1: Do not forget to check if there are any hidden costs associated with maintenance services or repairs, because some providers include them in their packages while others prefer to split the cost. For instance, check if there is a fee for taking down your old unit and installing a new one plus shipping fees plus labor fees plus other types of expenses which should be included in the overall cost. So just remember to ask about these things before deciding on getting your AC repaired or maintained. At Airmaxx Aircon, we ensure that our customers are aware of the cost of the services to be performed from the start, with no hidden fees.

TIP#2: Do not forget to ask the provider if their technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable in servicing your type of AC or brand so they can provide you with appropriate solutions. They should also know about every single type of air conditioner, including cable types and voltage ratings, so you can rest assured that they can handle the task efficiently. Airmaxx technicians and staff are certified, skilled, and well-learned to ensure we can provide high quality services.

TIP#3: It is best to ask for recommendations from friends, family members, and colleagues, even if they are not experts in this field of work. With them referring you to the best company, it will be easier for you to check all the things mentioned above. Aside from that, you can always check their website for reviews. Just like us, our website includes true testimonies from people who were satisfied and happy with the services we rendered.

Be sure to consider all the things mentioned above when searching for the right/best company which provides reliable aircon repairs or maintenance services in Singapore at reasonable costs.

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