Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore & Chemical Overhaul Service

Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore & Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service

Singapore's Aircon Chemical Wash & Cleaning

On top of general aircon servicing, aircon chemical wash and chemical cleaning is beneficial to remove the dirt that had accumulated over time in the aircon unit which can cause the system to function poorly. The aircon is disassembled and each part is thoroughly cleaned using water and cleaning compounds – to get rid of stubborn stains, accumulated dust and grease. Having cleaned parts will enable the aircon cleaning to perform as good like it is new, and ensure the air expelled is clean and fresh to prevent allergies and breathing problems. Aircon chemical cleaning also helps to wash and clear out the dust and dirt which may obstruct the heat conduction, so as to fully optimize the cooling effects.

aircon chemical wash service

Aircon Chemical Wash and Overhaul

Aircon chemical overhaul is a process that exposes the system to a cleaning agent. The purpose of this process is to remove any dirt and bacteria from the unit. Dirt and bacteria can cause the aircon to breakdown, when left inside the unit. A complete chemical overhaul is performed in steps that eventually includes all components of the unit. It is a more thorough chemical cleaning compared to a chemical wash.

Aircon Maintenance

*Aircon chemical wash comes with a 90 days workmanship warranty.

Scope For AC Chemical Wash & Overhaul

– Dismantle of fancoil unit
– Dismantle of electronic control and drainage device
– Use chemical solution to wash the water tray, fan blower, coil
– Vacuuming of drainage system
– Wash the filter
– Check the aircon gas (aircon gas top up service is available)
– Test run the system
– Checking of all setting

What Is The Difference Between Air Conditioner Chemical Wash And Chemical Overhaul?

Chemical Wash & Chemical Cleaning Service

Chemical wash aircon entails a skilled technician to dismantle your air conditioner so that he or she can better clean the aircon coils, aircon air filters, and water trays using a chemical solution. Some of the advantages of utilizing this type of solution to clean these air conditioner components like on panasonic aircon include the presence of chemicals that destroy mold as well as other harmful germs. It also halts their growth in a month ago. Doing aircon chemical cleaning will help you save money on your energy bill as the air conditioner will have less buildup that slows down air movement.

The number one purpose of installing an aircon system is to keep your living room cool and fresh with constant, cold air such as DW aircon. You’ll get that with a chemical wash! So, how do you know if your aircon needs its coils and filters cleaned? You should call for professional assistance who are experienced in aircon chemical wash if it has not been regularly serviced.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Service

When would you require the service of a chemical overhaul for your aircon such as daikin aircon? Unlike chemical wash, chemical overhaul is a more thorough cleaning process. An experienced and skilled air conditioner technician will clean the coils, filter, and water trays, as well as the drainage pipes, heat exchange coils, and blower wheels.

Our technicians in Airmaxx Aircon specialize in chemical overhaul inspects the entire systems for any irregularities even in tiny spare parts, and if any are discovered, they will be rectified immediately. We are one of the best in overhaul companies who can help you. Cleaning and repairing are two things that may be done at the same time. It is suggested that you perform chemical wash at least once every year. Some of the distinct advantages of aircon chemical wash include the fact that you will experience a burst of fresh air once your drainage pipes and other components have been cleaned up. You will also have a less energy bill.

Cleaned coils, air filters and water trays are always a plus since they can help your air-con run smoothly to avoid aircon troubleshooting. The presence of chemicals that destroy mold and other harmful germs is also another thing to look forward to. You can save more money once you hire the service of professional technicians who have the equipment and the chemicals to clean up your aircon.

You can enjoy these benefits by cleaning your aircon promotion once a year, but if you have not made any contract with our technician, then it is time for you to call us now. Get ready to breathe fresh air in your cozy home or office knowing that your aircon system has been cleaned up properly and professionally.

FAQ On Aircon Chemical Wash Service & Aircon Chemical Cleaning

What is chemical washing service?

A chemical wash – aircon service requires a skilled technician disassembling your air conditioning’s so that they can better clean the coils, air filters, evaporator coil and water trays using specific chemical solution suitable for aircon usage. With air conditioner chemical wash solution, it can destroy mold as well as other germs and bacteria in the ac system preventing aircon repair for future. So it is better to have an aircon chemical washing regularly.

How much is washing in aircon chemical in Singapore?

The typical price for  aircon chemical cleaning and chemical washing starts from S$85. Depending on the number of aircon units, the service rate will vary.

Is wash service in chemicals for aircon necessary to avoid aircon repair?

One of the most overlooked parts to your aircon is chemical wash. Aircon require a chemical washing every 6 months in order to keep them running at peak performance, especially if you have any trouble with cold or leaking water from your machine. Standard cleaning or chemical wash without chemicals may not be able to properly clean all nooks and crannies that can get clogged over time by dirt and other debris because they are too small for standard vacuum cleaners seen on store shelves today – so make sure those vents stay clear.

What is the difference between chemical wash and chemical overhaul?

Aircon chemical wash servicing cover only the surfaces of the aircon unit, excluding coils and condenser, while Aircon chemical overhaul service is a more thorough cleaning that includes coils and condensers for greater cooling efficiency.

It isn’t just the air compressor that wears out on an old aircon system, but also the many metal fins (the coil) which comprise most of its surface area as well as all of its internal ‘valleys’ – they fill up with dust from many years of use. We find during our yearly maintenance inspections that even this simple one-hour scrub down helps to keep your unit running efficiently for at least another year. If you’re looking for a dramatic increase in power consumption then we can do an overhaul which will improve the performance of your aircon systems

Why do you need an AC chemical wash after aircon installation?

An aircon chemical wash is an essential step after aircon installation because it helps to ensure that the air conditioning unit is working at its maximum efficiency. During aircon installation, there may be a buildup of debris, dust, and other particles that accumulate inside the unit or in evaporator coil. These can cause the aircon to operate inefficiently, resulting in higher energy bills and decreased cooling performance. That is why aircon installation must need a chemical wash.

What is the purpose of an air conditioning chemical wash for your gas top during an aircon service?

An Aircon Chemical Wash is a crucial component of aircon servicing in gas top as it helps to clean the interior components of an air con. The purpose of an Aircon chemical wash is to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that has accumulated inside the unit over time, which can cause the aircon to operate inefficiently.

During an aircon service or chemical wash, a professional technician will inspect and clean the various components of the AC unit, including the filters, coils, and fan. However, some areas of the unit may be difficult to access or clean without the use of specialized chemicals. An Aircon chemical wash is necessary to clean these hard-to-reach areas thoroughly. So a chemical wash is needed for your AC’s.

Aircon Chemical Wash Singapore